Announcing Our 2018-2019 Masthead

We are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 masthead for The Toronto Urban Journal.

Editorial Board

  • Brandon Hillier, Managing Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Rabia Munir, Deputy Editor (Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Amber Ghosh, Production Editor (Urban Studies and Business)
  • Sara Ajori, Associate Editor (Geography and Urban Studies)
  • David Barankin, Associate Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Stewart Van Der Made, Associate Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Jc Elijah Madayag Bawuah (Urban Studies)
  • Dr. Teresa Abbruzzese, Faculty Advisor (Urban Studies)

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Alison Bain (Geography)
  • Dr. Douglas Young (Urban Studies)
  • Dr. Linda Peake (The City Institute at York University, Urban Studies)
  • Dr. Roger Keil (Environmental Studies)
  • Dr. Teresa Abbruzzese (Urban Studies)

For questions regarding our masthead and governance, or any general inquiries, please contact

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