Proudly showcasing original urban research by undergraduate students

Established in 2018, The Toronto Urban Journal is a publication that facilitates the extended engagement of outstanding work in the field of urban studies. The Journal is a reviewed publication and affords undergraduate students with a scholarly, anonymous review of their work that is conducted by student editors and established scholars.

As a transdisciplinary field, urban studies traverses the disciplinary boundaries of sociology, geography, economics, environmental studies, anthropology, political science and women’s studies, among many others. It additionally comprises many sub-disciplines, including (but not limited to) urban development, urban policy, urban governance, urban design, urban planning and urban ecology. Our Journal endeavours to be inclusive and to support meaningful intellectual excursions into the realm of urban studies regardless of particular epistemological groundings.

We are partially funded by York University’s Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation, the Department of Geography and the Urban Studies Program.

The Toronto Urban Journal is based at The City Institute at York University. It is run by an editorial team of students and is presided over by an advisory board composed of faculty. Although the Journal is affiliated with York University, it is an independent operating entity and is governed by its own bylaws.

The Toronto Urban Journal produces one core issue per year, along with occasional special issues.