Volume 1, Issue 1 (December 2018)

Volume 1, Issue 1 (December 2018)

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Emancipatory ‘urban studies’: Introducing The Toronto Urban Journal
Brandon Takayuki Hillier, York University, Canada (pp. 1-3)

Original Research

Queer and living here: How being young, poor and queer in Vancouver intersects with housing insecurity
Linda Worden, Williams College, United States (pp. 7-20)

Disgraced, dispossessed, displaced: Delhi’s global city aspiration and the city’s slum dwellers
Hafsah Siddiqui, University of Toronto, Canada (pp. 23-32)

‘The dark [green] side of planning’: Ecological modernization in the neoliberal city
Allison Evans, York University, Canada (pp. 35-42)

Capital conversion on Dupont: Repurposing industrial space for cultural consumption
Nicholas Chaloux, McGill University, Canada (pp. 45-57)

Viewpoint Articles

Deconstructing the ‘global city’
Christopher Ciafro, McGill University, Canada (pp. 61-66)

Canadian cities, globalization and our federalist system
Harris Bajes Watkins, University of Toronto, Canada (pp. 69-74)

The phenomenon of dwelling
Sofia Vasconcelos Maciel, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil (pp. 77-83)

The ‘United Kingdom of Commuterland’
Cameron David Appel, Columbia University, United States (pp. 85-86)

The contradictions in using ‘New Urbanism’ to provide social equity
Isis Moon Gamble, University of Washington, United States (pp. 89-95)

Book Reviews

Scott McQuire, Geomedia: Networked cities and the future of public space (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016)
Khadijah Malik, Carleton University, Canada (pp. 99-102)