The Toronto Urban Journal accepts submissions on a rolling basis, with successful submissions queued for the next annual standard issue

The current deadline for submissions for the next standard issue falls on January 23, 2023.
To submit, please email with the following:

  • Format subject line as “Submission – LAST NAME, FIRST NAME”.
  • In your email, attach ONE file containing your paper in a MS Word file format.
  • Note your school, program and expected (or actual) graduation date.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself!

Criteria for submission are as follows:

  • Submissions must be between 3,000 and 6,000 words, excluding notes, references, tables and figures;
  • Submissions must be wholly original research conducted by the author, however work sponsored or supervised by faculty members is acceptable;
  • Submissions must be work conducted by an individual during the course of a university undergraduate program;
  • If submitted by a graduate student, the work must be submitted no more than one (1) year after author’s graduation from their undergraduate program;
  • Submissions may be in any consistent style however will be published in the APA style;
  • Submissions must be in English.

Following submission, you will be notified by a Co-Managing Editor if your paper is suitable for publication.